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Key Verse

Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people.
— 1 Chronicles 16:8

Give Thanks First

Psalm 103:1-22

Among the definitions of the word thanksgiving are: “the act of giving thanks,” “a prayer expressing gratitude,” and “a public acknowledgment or celebration of divine goodness.” Although the word thanksgiving does not appear in Psalm 103, this Psalm is an excellent expression of heartfelt gratitude and praise to God. The more one praises and thanks God for His goodness, the more reasons he finds for doing so. To deny God genuine thanksgiving is to fail to recognize God’s wonderful bounty to each individual.
  1. In looking at the first verse of our text, with what part of his being did the Psalmist bless (praise) the Lord? Why? See John 4:23.
  2. Name six benefits the Psalmist listed as coming from the Lord. How do you feel about these benefits?
  3. What is likened to the eagle in verse 5? Why give thanks for this?
  4. How do the oppressed fare when they trust the Lord?
  5. List five other items, mentioned in verses 8 and 9 of our text, for which we should be thankful.
  6. What are the wages of sin (Romans 6:23)? How does the Psalmist treat this truth (verse 10)?
  7. How far does God remove the sins of those who repent? Why should this cause thanksgiving?
  8. Why does God have pity upon His children? See verses 13 and 14.
  9. In what way is the duration of life brought to our attention?
  10. In what way is the mercy of the Lord emphasized? Why should this be an inspiration for thanksgiving?

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