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Key Verse

For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.
— Acts 4:20

Keep On Keeping On

Acts 4:13-22


Throughout the years, men have pondered the most profitable activity in which to engage themselves. Myriad has been the goals which they have set for themselves as the ultimate or highest possible degree of usefulness while on earth. But without doubt, the highest calling and occupation ever to thrill and hold the heart of any man is the call of God to the winning of souls for the Kingdom of Heaven. Not only does this unique call contain the greatest of earthly joys, but it also is inherent with the promise of eternal reward.


In this day of micro-technology, we should have no difficulty in grasping the concept that small things can be significant. We may feel that we are just one among millions on this earth, but in God’s eyes we are important, and that is the point we wish to convey throughout this quarter.

God has a plan for each of us! As we begin our Christian walk, and then continue to grow in His grace, we will want to find out what that plan is and do our best to follow it. To discover God’s plan for us, we need to communicate with Him. With that thought in mind, this quarter opens with two lessons focusing on prayer. The lessons following those deal with recognizing the call of God and fitting ourselves to be usable in His service.

We look at the importance of witnessing to others, and the vital necessity of holding on through hard places. The quarter moves on to a series of lessons on choosing and keeping friends who will not hinder our spiritual growth. The concluding thrust is the importance of staying on the alert, ready at any moment for the Lord’s coming.


Job 23:10-12; Psalm 119:30-32; Isaiah 30:21


  1. What crime had the Apostles committed that brought them before the Jewish rulers? See Acts 4:1-3.
  2. The Apostles had not always been so bold. Peter had denied the Lord and others had forsaken Him and fled when He was taken by the high priest. Even after His Resurrection, they didn’t seem to promote the cause of Christ, but, instead, went fishing. What was it that compelled these men to speak out now so forcefully for Christ? See Acts 1:8.
  3. How do you suppose the authorities expected Peter and John to respond when they were commanded not to speak or teach in the name of Jesus?
  4. How did the Apostles respond when the council commanded them not to speak in the name of Jesus? Looking on into the next chapter of Acts, find where the Apostles showed by their actions that they meant what they said.
  5. In the Old Testament, we read of others who, like Peter and John, were determined to cling to God in spite of temporal and physical adversity. Briefly review the calamities that were the lot of Job. See Job 1:13-19 and 2:7. Which phrases in Job 23:8-11 prove that Job had kept his trust in God in spite of these circumstances?
  6. Read Psalm 119:30-31. What do you think is meant by the phrase, “I have stuck unto thy testimonies”?
  7. In order to keep on keeping on in our Christian walk, it is important that we know what God wants us to do. One verse that brings out the necessity of studying God’s Word is 2 Timothy 2:15. Find some other verses that bring out this thought.
  8. We pray to have our sins forgiven and to make a start in our Christian life. Why is it necessary to continue in prayer in order to keep steadfast in the way? See Matthew 26:41 and John 16:24.
  9. What part does obedience play in keeping on in our Christian walk?
  10. What good advice did Paul offer to those who want to keep on keeping on? See chapter 6 of Ephesians.

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