SEARCH Lesson 101 – Used of God

Key Verse

And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following.
— Mark 16:20

Used of God

Acts 6:1-6; 8:5-8,26-40


It is good, especially in the work of the Lord, if responsibility can be distributed among as many people as possible. This is sound practice for several reasons. In the first place, there are to be no “lords over God’s heritage” (1 Peter 5:3), but all are to be “subject one to another,” and “clothed with humility” (1 Peter 5:5). Like the stones that were cut and shaped in the quarries and then brought to the Temple site, the saints of God are prepared by God for a specific place in His Church. This is accomplished through the consecration of one’s self to God and the seeking of His gifts and graces. All of God’s people have a place in the work of the Lord. None are excluded; none are forgotten; none are to be inactive. None are considered unworthy of some place in the service of God—in a capacity that fits their capabilities. Each one, then, will be rewarded for the manner in which he fills his God-given responsibility.


  1. What was the first recorded task Philip was asked to do for the Lord? Why was this task so important? What types of helpers are most needed in the church today?
  2. The duties to which Philip and the other six men were appointed consisted of ministering to a physical rather than a spiritual need. Why, then, would the Apostles require spiritual qualifications? See John 4:23-24.
  3. In your own words define the spiritual qualifications required by the Apostles for this task.
  4. What circumstances brought Philip to Samaria (Acts 8:3-5)? How did he seem to react to his circumstances?
  5. Philip was the first called upon to help the Apostles, and in Acts 8:14-15 we read how two of the Apostles came to help Philip. In what way did Peter and John help Philip? How did their actions set an example for us?
  6. Give a specific example of how a person was used of God to help you.
  7. In today’s lesson, how did being full of the Holy Ghost help Philip?
  8. Philip was living his life to be used of God when suddenly he had the opportunity to speak to one who wanted to hear the message he had. God gave him that privilege because he was living a spotless life, filled with God’s Spirit. Many people have similar opportunities today only to be passed by because their ears aren’t in tune with God’s directing Spirit. How can you insure that you will be alert to the opportunities God sends your way?