Peer pressure will not hold me back!

It’s great to be born into a Godly family. This has an impact on my life that I will ever be thankful for. In our home, the Bible was read and prayers were said every day. We were told of God’s requirements of us and my parents lived their lives as examples for us to follow. Although I had all these opportunities, these did not provide me with the experience of salvation. I can remember through my youth being scared to sleeplessness of the rapture taking place and would check on my parents in the night to see if they were still around. I remember praying through to salvation when I was in primary school but lost this due to peer pressure and carelessness because of peers who teased me a lot at school for having a strict father and having the same hair-cut every time.

Unfortunately, I did not discuss my problems with my parents because I knew they would say: ‘let’s pray about it’; ‘never mind them’ or ‘focus on your work and leave them to God’ – not knowing this is what I should have done. I tried to keep my worldly friends by hiding the fact that I was going to church, praying and reading the Bible. Through the years I grew cold and inwardly rebellious. It was the mercy of God that saw me through my secondary and college education.

As a young person, I attended the yearly youth weeks organised by the Church. In 1996, eighteen years old and headed for university, I attended the youth week in Newtown, Wales, the United Kingdom with the intention of enjoying myself. We visited the home and church of Evan Roberts, the Welsh evangelist whose prayers sparked the 1904 Welsh revival.  On Thursday of the youth camp in a Spirit-filled prayer session after the evening program, the Spirit of God broke through my heart and I found myself crying in repentance saying: ‘Jesus, Jesus, I’m sorry!’ I kept on crying to the Lord and praying for forgiveness until I knew Jesus had saved my soul.

I immediately felt real and clean for the first time in my life! My old characteristics had disappeared. I just wanted God, peace, love and Heaven.  I didn’t stop there, I wanted more and I was among many who prayed through to the experiences of salvation, sanctification and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. That night, I felt the power of God the same as in Bible times. I returned to London a new person and felt ready for any challenge that could come my way.

I had nothing to regret since being saved other than my own errors, caused by carelessness over time forgetting to read the Word and pray.  I ended up following my own path instead of the proven biblical way. This resulted in me feeling frustrated and angry. Nevertheless, God came to my rescue as I pleaded for mercy, confessed my state and repented; expressing godly sorrow for my sins with contrition of heart. I will ever be thankful to God for setting me free and setting my feet on Jesus Christ the Rock.  I retraced my three Christian experiences with a purpose in heart for Christ and all things godly and set my face like a flint (Isaiah 50:7).  Since then I have had no desire for anything other than God’s will.

I decided that I wanted to concentrate on God and focus on knowing Him more.  I felt in my spirit that God accepted this proposition as He became the centre of my life and faithfully gave me a godly wife with the heart of Christ Himself. My heart, mind and soul are fully set on Christ and His Gospel. I desire nothing more than to know Christ and to have Him as my driver, my guide and my love.  I have willed my life to God and eternity with Christ.  All glory, honour and power be unto our God forever and ever. Amen.