From the District Superintendent’s Desk

DS visit to Paris, France 2023

On Saturday, 11 February 2023, Reverend Mark Mfandarahwa, his wife Sister Marble and their two daughters visited the Paris branch in France. They were warmly welcomed at the Gare du Nord train station by Reverend Mathieu Bobo (The leader of our work in France) and Brother Joel and Sister Suzanne Vimadje.

Early the next morning, on Sunday, 12 February they were transported to a rented facility which has been adapted to a place of worship. Despite Sunday School commencing at 9.00am, it was well attended with a sizeable mixed congregation of 42 people and an additional 5 families connected through Zoom. The attendance consisted of members of the Apostolic Faith Church from all over France gathered for a special, combined service.

Soon after their arrival, the lesson on, The Responsibility of Marriage, was taught by Sister Patricia Sossa to a combination of the Adult and Junior class with the Primary Pals situated towards the back of the sanctuary. By the end of the lesson the unmarried were encouraged to prioritise seeking God’s will by prayer in choosing God’s best partner for them and the married were admonished to endeavour to fulfil all the responsibilities that the institution of marriage entails.

Due to the time limitations, the devotional service immediately followed in which it was preluded by a piano voluntary by brother Joel Vimadje. Then the orchestra rendered the hymn ‘Saved! Saved!’. After that, the choir sang, Grand et puissant and Salvation has been brought down by Albert E Brumley. This was followed by a solo C’est différent (It’s different now) by D. Beatty which was sung by Sister Kujo Tanmakpi. Reverend Matthieu Bobo lead the congregational singing, and the congregation was led in prayer given by Brother Segun Aramide a visiting minister from Nigeria.

The first special, He Hideth My Soul by Fanny Crosby, was rendered by Sister Patricia Sossa, Sister Morgaine Hounye and Brother Emmanuel Sossa. Preceding the last special given by the choir, ‘Wonderful Grace of Jesus by Haldor Lillenas, Sister Suzzanne Vimadje read selected Scripture from Matthew 11:2-5.

Reverend Mark Mfandarahwa’s sermon was titled ‘The Impact of the Gospel’ in which he explored through various biblical examples how the lives of people who had physical encounters with Jesus were powerfully impacted as shown in Matthew 11:2-5. He emphasised that as Jesus did great miracles to heal those who had physical ailments, He has power to do the same in our day and more importantly save sinners. Brother Mark concluded with an altar call in which he encouraged the congregation to seek for their Christian experiences of salvation, sanctification, and the Holy Ghost and fire baptism. After the closing song That Means You the sanctuary was filled with the sound of prayers.

Soon after, workers and their families travelled to a restaurant where they enjoyed a sweet time of fellowship. Just before parting ways with majority of the brethren, Reverend Mark Mfandarahwa shared a few words encouragement with the ministers and advice on matters in pertinence to the work in France.


The Mfandarahwas visit to France was an opportunity to have a great time of fellowship with the saints in Paris. As the brethren there are looking up to God for a permanent place of worship, let us remember them in our prayers and believe God for a favourable answer to their request.

You can access the recording for their devotional service on YouTube – Click link Below  –