Recent Developments

As the year 2021 rolled in, God Himself sailed ahead of us into the year with high energy. The year 2021 opened with the sweet promise that “I (God) will not forget thee/you”! What a PROMISE!! We started with daily virtual prayers which lasted throughout the months of January and February and even spilled into the first week of March.

The high gear stayed with us as we entered into April, our month of Abib, when we celebrated the 45th anniversary of the establishment of God’s work in the UK. The theme, quite rightly, was A New Beginning”! Preparations have started in earnest for our virtual annual camp meeting for the year 2021 with the theme: Back to Bethel

Many other plans and arrangements have been going on simultaneously, including the possible removal of post covid restrictions and the logistics of possibly returning to full sanctuary worship, church building refurbishment projects, evangelism, music training and development, etc. Those arrangements even included talking informally about my own plans for retirement in the near future!

In all of these, as we followed the promptings of the Holy Spirit, we were blissfully unaware that God was orchestrating all these events Himself! With hindsight, it is clear that all these plans were prophetic, pointing to something surprising and much bigger than we could imagine, that God was about to do.

The Superintendent General of the Apostolic Faith, Rev. Darrel Lee has been in WECA for some church business matters and we have been praying for the success of his trip. Among other matters that Bro. Darrel was attending to during this trip was a change of the Board of Trustees of the organisation in West and Central Africa, and the appointment of a new District Superintendent (DS) for WECA as Rev. Bayo Adeniran, the current DS, retired.

During the process, on Thursday, May 27, 2021, I was contacted by Bro. Darrel from Lagos about the possibility of taking up the mantle of leadership of WECA as their new District Superintendent. I agreed to present this to my wife, which I did that same morning. My wife and I prayed about the situation in front of us, and my wife’s decision was “wherever you go, I will follow”. We agreed to accept the responsibility. Stella and I will therefore be relocating to WECA headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria to resume the new role, Lord willing, on Sunday, November 14, 2021.

Between now and the resumption date, I will be putting things in order at our duty post here in Western Europe, which will include the appointment and installation of my successor as the DS for the UK and Western Europe. Details of who the new DS will be and other arrangements concerning the installation will be given as time goes on.  Meanwhile, I am in consultation with the Superintendent General and the Board of Trustees here in Western Europe as we pray fervently for the guidance of the Spirit on the possible recommendations for the new appointment.

The Superintendent General, Bro Darrel will be in the UK for the installation of the new leader after all the necessary details have been completed. This installation of the new DS for Western Europe will take place, Lord willing, on Sunday, November 7, 2021. Please join us in prayer too that our great God will lead in the appointment of the new DS for Western Europe.

Although this news may be shocking, leaving people dazed, it was not our plan to be like this; but God is not shocked; we all have to surrender to God’s will. Stella and I love you all and we are fully aware that you love us too, but we have decided to make the sacrifice and surrender and submit to the will of God on this matter.

We solicit your prayers, as you indeed have done over the past 21 years of our duty here in Western Europe, that God will go before us, work with us, use us as He sees fit for His glory, and give us a successful ministry in WECA, by not only adding many souls to His kingdom, but also by encouraging and establishing the saints, and in the end making all of us rapturable, in Jesus name.

May “The LORD bless thee and keep thee: The LORD make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.” (Numbers 6:24-26). Amen.