Report from Germany

Regional Director visits German Brethren

Mainland Europes Regional Directors visit to the Apostolic Faith Church in Germany

26th to 29th August 2022.

The saints of God in Germany were very happy to welcome their Regional Director, Reverend Francis Odudu, into their midst. He arrived at Frankfurt Airport on Friday, 26 August in the evening, and was picked up by Brother Stephen Ogbodo, the leader of the group in Germany.

The next day, German brethren from all over Germany arrived at the Ogbodo’s home, where they were heartily welcomed. They had a short break where varieties of homemade pastries, juice and tea were served after their long journeys. We then held a planned prayer meeting from 6 to 7 pm, led by Sister Naomi Ogbodo. We had cause to be thankful to God for journey mercies, for making it possible for the saints to gather as the family of God and for God’s daily faithfulness in protecting His peoples and answering their prayers. Prayer requests were brought before the Lord in faith, remembering Jeremiah 32:27, that there is nothing that is too hard for our God! Lastly, she encouraged us to trust in the Lord with all our hearts and not lean onto our own understanding, referencing Proverbs 3:5-6.

After the prayer meeting, a delicious 3course dinner, which had been lovingly prepared by the Ogbodos, was served. Brother Francis thereafter shared his testimony with the brethren.

On Sunday, 28 August, Brother Francis joined other brethren from his hotel to attend Sunday morning service in Heidelberg. It was a wonderful, multicultural gathering of saints from various parts of the world: our Regional Director Brother Francis from London, UK, Brother Vic Firme from Toronto, Canada, and brethren from all over Germany including cities such as Heidelberg, Constance, Bonn and Munich.

The Sunday School service started with a piano prelude by Sister Naomi, followed by a vocal trio titled, ‘Love lifted me’, which was passionately presented by the Ogbodo family. The Sunday School lesson taught by Brother Stephen focused on reviewing the entire quarter, where he particularly pointed out that we must fully consecrate our lives to God for God to use us in His service where He needs us, and that God is always faithful and ready to fulfil His promises in our lives when we do our part. He also stressed the importance for children of God to be holy, for it is the will of God that we should live a holy life in this present, sinful world, using 1 Peter 1:16. After the Sunday School lesson, a vocal duet was rendered by Brother Stephen and Sister Naomi, ‘Constantly Abiding’, which led everybody to go on their knees to pray down the power of God.


The Devotional Service started with a piano prelude by Sister Naomi, after which Brother Stephen and Sister Naomi played, ‘It pays to serve Jesus’, on the trombone and the violin, respectively. This was followed by two choir songs titled, ‘Come and Dine’ and ‘Come unto me’, beautifully and enthusiastically rendered. After some congregational songs, Brother Francis gave the congregational prayer, following which Brother Stephen gave the announcement, and the Regional Director was heartily welcomed by the congregation.

Our children had prepared to present a lovely welcome programme for Brother Francis. After They marched in singing several stanzas of the song ‘Give me oil in my lamp’, and a brief welcome speech was given, which included reciting Psalm 29:11 and Psalm 67:1. The children then greeted Francis and joyfully marched out singing another stanza of ‘Give me joy in my Heart’. Brother Francis expressed his appreciation, thanking the children and Brother Dare that led them. This was followed by Next, Sister Elke Ogbodo and Sister Naomi sweetly sang ‘The Love that won my heart’, which gently reminded the brethren of the priceless love that Jesus Christ feels for us all.


The Bible reading was taken from Jeremiah 32:26-27 and read by Sister Naomi. The last special was a solo titled, ‘I want to be a worker’, sung by Brother Stephen.

Brother Francis took his opening text from Exodus 15:11-13 before he extended greetings from his wife, the District Superintendent and the saints in London. He expressed his delight to be able to worship and fellowship with the saints in Germany for the first time, and how blessed he had been since arriving. He also recognized the effort, commitment and consecration of the Ogbodo family in particular and the saints in Germany, generally.

Using the children of Israel as an example of how unlimited God is, he explained that although the Israelites had lived a terrible life of slavery for so many years, God had a divine plan for them, and He delivered them at the right time. Also, when the children of Israel were standing in front of the Red Sea, they greatly feared that everything would become worse, but again, God in His infinite mercy intervened, and He faithfully led His people through the parted sea!

Brother Francis also shared His testimony with the brethren, how God changed his life and that he couldn‘t do the things he used to do any longer as soon as he was saved from his life of sin, mentioning that if God could change somebody like himself, there is nothing that God cannot do! Moreover, he explained that when somebody gets saved, a lover of sin will become a hater of sin and that Jesus gives that person the grace and the power to go and sin no more.

Brother Francis encouraged the brethren to keep trusting God and that God would provide all their needs, including a new place of worship for the group in His own time.

The service concluded with a congregational song and a closing prayer by Brother Stephen, after which the altars were filled and everybody prayed at the altar. The Spirit of God was felt throughout the whole service.


After a good prayer meeting, it was time to say goodbye as the brethren that came from various parts of the country to grace the service had to leave, travelling various distances ranging from 2 hours to 7 hours. The saints in Germany solicit your prayers.

In all, we had 11 people at the service.