Special Meetings at Peckham Church

Special Meetings Weekend at Peckham Church – 11th to 13th August 2023

Friday marked the beginning of the 3-day special meetings weekend, themed “A Fresh Encounter”. Forty-six people attended in person while many joined online. The revival service started at 8pm with an organ voluntary, followed by the choir singing “Leave your Burdens at the Place of Prayer. Sister Olos Irenoa led a session of congregational singing and souls were lifted to Heaven. The testimony service was interspersed with a few in-person testimonies and some pre-recorded testimonies of young people from the recently concluded MidWest Camp meeting, USA.

Following the testimony service and the last special “Do you know my Jesus”, the guest minister for the weekend, Rev Lazarus Simbanegavi (Pastor of Birmingham branch) brought the Word of the Lord on “Refreshing Times”. Using Acts 3: 1-10 as his key text, he shared the account of the lame man at the beautiful gate and his encounter with Peter and John that brought about his healing. He explained that when someone encounters Jesus the unexpected happens! The natural turns to the supernatural, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. He encouraged all present to have an encounter with Jesus. The altar service was blessed as many poured their hearts out to the Lord in prayer.

Saturday was dedicated to young people and was primarily a Question and Answer [Response] session. The session began with a time of singing together and an icebreaker activity. The panellists chosen for the session were Sister Olos Irenoa, Brother Seun Ogunleye, Brother Lazarus Simbanegavi, and Brother Ola Balogun. Collectively the panel explored issues of Discipleship and Relationship with the audience (both in person and virtual) and what came out of both sections were revealing and encouraging from all perspectives. This was followed by a time of worship which was enjoyed by all. Sister Cynthia Aramide then rounded up with a short sermonette, which was followed by a closing prayer, and all present were encouraged to spend time in prayer.

Sunday marked the final day of the 3-day Special Meetings weekend. The day began with Sunday School for all ages at 10am and focused on the topic “Golden Rule”. In the various classes, the concept of loving one’s neighbours as oneself was explored, and how someone can do this even in the most difficult of circumstances. The devotional service started at 11:15am with the Orchestra playing “He is Exalted” and this was followed by the choir singing What a Mighty God We Serve. A time of congregational singing was enjoyed, then there was a bible reading taken from Luke 24: 30-33 after which Sister Temitoyosi and Brother Joshua Nwaebonyi sang a soul-uplifting duet “He Will Carry You. Brother Lazarus Simbanegavi preached on, “A Fresh Encounter”. Using the story of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24:15-19, he spoke of how Jesus can bring fresh and renewed hope to any situation. He spoke of the joy and relief the disciples experienced when Jesus revealed Himself to them and encouraged all present to take time to connect with God the only one that can make a difference to our lives and situations. It was indeed a blessed altar service as many sought the Lord in prayers.

After a time of fellowship over lunch, the day was rounded off with a variety evening at 4pm, which saw different categories of people within the church give musical renditions, ranging from a flute solo, sibling’s vocal presentations, youth choir, and a minister’s quartet. Everyone was involved and oh, what a time of joy and fellowship this was. Brother Lazarus Simbanegavi gave the closing admonition WONDERFUL JOY using Luke 15: 1-7 as his main text, he stated how Heaven rejoices over one sinner that repents. He encouraged those present that Jesus is interested in the 1% and that’s why He left the 99. Jesus is interested in you! A time of prayer followed as many tarried in prayer. Our prayer is for the many blessings received during these refreshing times to abound in our lives and for God to use them as a springboard for a deeper walk with God.