Company’s Coming!


“Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.” – Matthew 25:13

“Company’s coming!” Could any words inspire more feverish activity around a house? I remember when I was a boy what would happen when we knew company was expected. There were a lot of chores to be done because Mother was concerned that the house be prepared just right. Everything had to be in its proper place. Bedding was aired and the sheets changed in the guest bedroom. Yard work that had been put off was on top of the list. Closets were rearranged. Special food was prepared. Flowers were cut and arranged in vases. It seemed the “to do” list was endless!

In some houses it may be that things are always in that kind of order, but around our place—there were three of us boys—when company came it meant extra preparation.

And oh, the anticipation! When the appointed hour drew near, the three of us boys would be looking out the windows, trying to catch the first glimpse of our guests. After a bit, we might even go out and peer up the road. We were eager for the company to come! Everything was geared toward the moment when they would arrive at last.

Christians today are living in an exciting age—Jesus is coming soon! We do not know the exact day or hour, but what anticipation should be in our hearts! If we really believe that His appearing is imminent, our greatest concern will center on the thought: Is everything in order? Are we ready? When that moment arrives, there will be no time for last-minute preparations.

When the Rapture of the Church takes place, will we be “out by the road” watching, longing for that first look? That should be the attitude of our hearts. Today, are you looking for His soon appearing?