“I have called you friends.” – John 15:15

Several years ago, a Christian college near our home was hosting a concert and my family and I planned to go. I was as excited as the kids were; it had been a while since we had been on a family outing. Then, at the last minute, my husband called from out of town and said he could not make it home in time to go.

When the children’s aunt heard our plans had to be canceled she offered to take us. But since it would have been very difficult to fit me and my motorized wheelchair into her small car, it seemed best that just the children go, and that I stay home.

After they left for the concert, I sat by the table with my Bible opened. I could not help feeling disappointed and a little lonely. I prayed, “Lord, I really need You to be my Friend tonight.”

A few minutes later there was a knock at my door. There stood my brother-in-law with my favorite beverage—an extra hot, double tall latte! He said, “I was studying for my sermon, and the Lord told me to go get this and bring it to you.”

Recently, when I mentioned the incident to my brother-in-law, he did not remember doing it. But I still marvel that the God of the universe would hear my feeble prayer and would show me, in such a tangible way as sending me a latte, that He is my Friend.

If you ever find yourself in a position in which you feel friendless, remember that Jesus is our Friend that is closer than a brother. He is only a whisper away, and even sees the desires of our hearts before we actually form those prayers. Just as we love to do good things for our friends, so Jesus delights to be our Friend and to favor us with good things. Let us rest in His loving care.