“For the son of man is come to save that which was lost.” – Matthew 18:11

I know of no one who likes to be lost. It is an unpleasant experience.

When I was a third grader, we had just moved to a new neighborhood, and I started attending a much larger school than I had even seen before. I had previously gone to a one-room school, which was located right next to our rural home, so I was totally unprepared for “city life.”

At noontime, on my first day in the new school, the children were dismissed to go home for a lunch break. I went out an unfamiliar door and took a wrong turn, which took me in the opposite direction from my home. After wandering up and down streets for what seemed to me a very long time, I finally started crying. A kind man came out of his house and asked what was wrong, so I explained that I could not find my way home. The man asked if I lived in a “stucco” house. I had never heard the term before so I had to admit I did not know, even though later I found that was, indeed, the kind of house we lived in. After a few more questions, I was headed in the right direction. I was a very happy girl to finally get home.

I was only a couple of blocks from my home, but I had no idea how to reach my destination. Even though I could not help myself, someone came to my rescue and helped me to head in the right direction. If I would have had the courage to knock on someone’s door and ask for help, I could have been home much sooner.

Many people in this world are spiritually lost and heading the wrong way. There is much wandering about and searching, trying to get their bearings. God is faithful and is watching, and wants to help each one find the way Home. Often, the Lord uses Christians to help point lost souls in the right direction. Sometimes they will come right out and ask us about our faith, but more often than not we will be the ones to bring it up. When the Lord prompts you to help someone find his way to the Savior, do not be afraid to speak up. The Lord wants to save that lost soul, and you might be the one to help Him do it! How grateful that individual will be when he finally gets home.