Ministry of Music

The history of The Apostolic Faith Church can not be complete without mentioning the blessings music plays in the services of the church. Music has always formed an integral part of the organisation and one of the major ways of communicating the Gospel to people. Many people bear testimonies that music was the major tool that drew them to the Lord and the altar of prayer where the Lord met them. Some came to church out of curiosity to listen to soul-inspiring music and the Lord met them. In most of the evangelistic outreach, music usually forms a major part of the services.

Apostolic Faith Church like our headquarters in Portland relies on hymns, and orchestra music such as choruses, and classical music by old Christian hymn writers Handel, Mozart, Bach, Schubert, etc. The church has a choir and orchestra that graces every service. They organise music concerts during the Easter and Christmas where dignitaries and government functionaries are invited to the church. They also do this during the annual Campmeeting which usually takes place in the last week of July. Dedicated teachers also help the young children in music class