Shut In

“And they that went in, went in male and female of all flesh, as God had commanded him: and the Lord shut him in.” – Genesis 7:16

When I was in my junior year of high school, I occasionally went to after-school activities with a friend from another school. One day he invited me to his school concert. After the program he wanted to show me the outdoor courtyard of his school. He explained how unique it was because it was in the center of the school, and was totally surrounded by classrooms.

As we went through the doors into the courtyard, I remember hearing the doors clicking shut behind us. After admiring the beautiful courtyard, we headed across the way to the doors on the opposite side to re-enter the school. My friend pulled on the door handle but it refused to budge. He ran across to the doors we had just entered through, but they were also locked. We were shut inside the courtyard.

Today, as I thought back on this now-humorous situation, I pondered on how Noah must have felt when God shut him in the ark before the Flood. He was completely locked inside with his family and the animals. This must have been a somewhat astounding situation for Noah, but he trusted God. He knew God was in control of all that was happening and that He would never fail him.

Sometimes in our lives, a door of opportunity shuts and we can begin to panic or become afraid. We might feel trapped, as though there is no way out of our circumstance. However, we do not have to be afraid if the Lord is with us. Like Noah, we can put our trust in God, knowing that He is in control and He will take care of us.

That night when I was visiting my friend’s school, I had confidence that he would find a way to get us out, and he did. He crawled through an open window and then came and opened the door for me. God also took care of Noah, his family, and the animals in the ark. After the water subsided, the ark landed safely and they exited without harm. If you feel shut in by circumstances today, keep your confidence in God. The One who shut Noah and his family into the ark, and took care of them and the animals during the Flood, is the same One who is guiding your future. God has not changed since He did that mighty work for Noah, and you can rest assured that He will care for you right now, wherever you are and whatever your situation.