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Key Verse

A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
— Proverbs 18:24

Your Friend, Jesus

TEXT: John 15:9-17


Of greater value than the rarest of jewels in the possession of a true friend, one in whom we can place absolute trust. Everyone needs a friend—someone with a kindred spirit to share the joys and the interests of life, someone who can be relied upon for advice in times of perplexity, someone who can comfort a troubled heart in the day of grief. Jesus is that perfect Friend. When He comes into the heart, He is able to satisfy every longing of the heart and to give flawless counsel in every time of need.


In this day of micro-technology, we should have no difficulty in grasping the concept that small things can be significant. We may feel that we are just one among millions on this earth, but in God’s eyes we are important, and that is the point we wish to convey throughout this quarter.

God has a plan for each of us! As we begin our Christian walk, and then continue to grow in His grace, we will want to find out what that plan is and do our best to follow it. To discover God’s plan for us, we need to communicate with Him. With that thought in mind, this quarter opens with two lessons focusing on prayer. The lessons following those deal with recognizing the call of God and fitting ourselves to be usable in His service.

We look at the importance of witnessing to others, and the vital necessity of holding on through hard places. The quarter moves on to a series of lessons on choosing and keeping friends who will not hinder our spiritual growth. The concluding thrust is the importance of staying on the alert, ready at any moment for the Lord’s coming.


John 13:1; Hebrews 13:5


  1. What is the dictionary definition of the word friend? Why is it necessary to have friendships?
  2. What circumstances might arise which would cause a person to change the level of friendship upon which he has placed another person? How might your answers apply to friendship with Jesus? (See Levels of Friendship chart on inside back cover of this book.)
  3. Our key verse states, “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly.” In what manner did Jesus prove this statement true in His friendship toward us?
  4. What did Jesus mean when He said, “Henceforth I call you not servants . . . but I have called you friends”?
  5. What advantages are there in having Jesus as your best Friend?
  6. How can our relationship with Jesus be maintained?
  7. What evidence will be obvious in our lives when Jesus is our closest Friend?
  8. Many people in the world seemingly do not love Jesus at all. How then can He be their closest Friend? See Romans 5:10.

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