The Empty Seat


“But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.” – 1 Peter 4:7

The music quietly faded away as a hush fell over the crowded auditorium. The time had come for the curtain to rise on the final performance of “King Lear.” My friend glanced out from behind the thick curtain, scanning the sea of faces. Her eyes traveled from row to row. Then she saw it—the seat that she had reserved was empty. Her heart skipped a beat. What had happened to the person who was to fill it? Knowing that her part in the play came later, my friend pulled her eyes away from the empty chair, and hurried to a phone to make a call.

That Saturday had been a hard day for me. Nothing had gone as planned. My husband needed extra errands run, my daughter had a list of things to buy at the store, and piles of laundry waited to be done. I had looked forward to seeing my friend perform in her college play. However, by the time I was supposed to leave, numerous obstacles had made my evening out impossible. Sadly, I knew I would not be able to make her performance. Then my phone rang. It was my friend calling to see what had happened to me. She was concerned because my seat was empty.

Picturing her concern, I thought of how the Lord must feel about those who have not yet responded to His invitation. A “final performance” is coming when Jesus will return to take His followers to Heaven. It will be the greatest event the world will ever see! Everyone is invited, yet many seats are still empty. Soon, the last curtain call will be made, and this will be something we do not want to miss.

Have our lives become so encumbered by worries and cares that we are in danger of missing this great event? Will Jesus look out over the crowds of saints in Heaven and wonder why we did not make it? If we are not ready now, He is calling, checking to see where we are. He would love a full house when He returns!

Is the seat Jesus has reserved for you empty? We want to be ready to join Jesus in the air when He returns. Today, let’s make sure our seat is filled and that we are waiting and watching for Him.