Welcome the Wind


“For he commandeth, and raiseth the stormy wind, which lifteth up the waves thereof.” – Psalm 107:25

During my childhood, my Uncle Tom built sailboats, and owned one himself. Occasionally, he would invite members of our family to join him for a sail up the Columbia River on his graceful, thirty-six-foot sloop, the Tamara. In sailing, he explained, the relationship of the sail to the wind makes all the difference. The skipper on a sailboat monitors the direction and strength of the prevailing breezes, and adjusts the position of the sails in order to continue to go forward.

The winds of adversity blow in all of our lives. It is how we react to the wind that is important. Some people falter when the slightest breeze strikes. Some allow the winds to blow them off course. But others “adjust their sails” to cope with the fiercest of storms and come through triumphant. Why? They have learned to count adversities as opportunities to make spiritual progress.

As Christians, our destination is Heaven, and it is a goal of incalculable worth. We must keep moving in that direction! Sometimes the winds that assail us may be simply minor annoyances or frustrations. At other times, life’s storms may be so fierce that it is a challenge to even keep afloat. Either way, the winds can advance us toward our goal. It is the dead calm that stalls the sailboat!

If the wind is buffeting you right now, take heart. Remember that it is God who “raiseth the stormy wind” and He has a reason for what He allows in your life. He does not send adversity to hinder your progress, but to move you forward. Take advantage of those circumstances, knowing that God wants to use them for you.

In the time of storm, God may reveal a new direction for your life. He may reveal the necessity of checking your position. He may teach you a new lesson about “trimming your sails.” He may add a new chapter to your “logbook” of faith—one more instance of His divine grace.

You can let the storm hinder you or even stop your progress. Or you can determine with God’s help to take advantage of every wind that blows. Today, let us welcome the wind!