Answers to Prayer


“Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you.” – John 16:23

After recently moving to a different house, I find that many items have been misplaced. I am constantly looking for things I want to use and am not able to find them. As a result, I am breathing little prayers to the Lord saying, “Jesus, will You please help me to find this or that?” Sometimes the Lord answers immediately and sometimes my faith is tried.

A few days ago, I wanted a particular cookbook, which contains a casserole recipe I like. Of course, I could not find it. I kept saying, “Jesus, will You please help me find that cookbook?” I made several trips to the garage where I had a box of books that I had not finished unpacking. It was not there. I made several trips to the bookcase and could not see it there. I wondered if it had been lost in the moving process and was gone forever. I searched for two or three days without any results.

This morning, I began looking again. I stood staring at the bookcase, once again disappointed. This cookbook was special to me because it was one that had been printed by the Apostolic Faith Church. I thought, Perhaps there are some left and I can buy another one. As I turned to go to the telephone to call and ask if there were any more, my eye caught the back of a spiral book. I pulled it out, and there was my “Finest of the Wheat” cookbook right in front of my eyes!

It thrilled me once again at how faithful the Lord is, even in small things. Of course, it would not have been a life-changing event if I had not found that cookbook. Yet, it proved to me once again, that the Lord is faithful to answer our prayers no matter how small they may be.

Is there anything you have been wanting the Lord to do for you? Ask Him. He will answer you.