Great Tasting!


“O taste and see that the Lord is good.” – Psalm 34:8

Recently, a friend telephoned me and asked if we could go out for dinner at a restaurant that we like and frequently visit. My answer was a definite yes! One of the attractions there is a line-up of delicious desserts, among them is one of our favorites—a bowl of berry cobbler.

When we got to the restaurant, my friend could not make up her mind whether she would get a berry cobbler or not. She decided to wait and see how full she felt after eating her main course. In the end, she apparently had room for dessert. She asked the waitress to bring her a loganberry cobbler ala mode.

As my friend sat enjoying the cobbler, she kept exclaiming how good it tasted. She did not say it just once, but several times she made clear how delicious she thought it was. In fact, she was still talking about it as we left the restaurant. I could tell she really, really liked it!

That is how we as Christians should feel about the Lord. One of the lines in a hymn we sing says, “He’s sweeter than honey, from out of the comb.” Indeed, I have been on the Christian highway for many years now, and I have found that the Lord’s love is “sweeter as the years go by,” as another hymn declares. The love we receive from the Lord as we serve Him far surpasses anything else that this world offers. Yes, it is even sweeter than the loganberry cobbler my friend enjoyed that evening!

Today’s focus verse tells us to taste and see that the Lord is good. When we eat something that is delicious, we usually do not hesitate to let those around us know about it. Yet, are we voicing our appreciation of God’s love as freely and unreservedly as my friend voiced her delight in the loganberry cobbler? As we go through this day, let us take the time to thank the Lord and to let others know of the joy and satisfaction that we have found in serving Jesus.