“If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?” – Luke 11:13

As a child, the winter days in Minnesota seemed very long, especially when snowdrifts cut us off from our neighbors or town. We were confined to a small house, and it was often depressing and certainly lacked excitement.

Mother was challenged but usually rose to the occasion by inventing house games or projects that kept us interested. I remember when she showed us an ad in a magazine that said if you sent the ad, possibly a few box tops or wrappers, and a few pennies, you would receive a sample bar of red colored soap. So mom clipped the required coupons and the proper wrappers, sacrificed a few of the grocery pennies, and sent for this fantastic gift for each of us five children.

We knew it was coming. Even though the mailbox was too far away for us to collect the mail, we watched each day as my father came back from that long walk up to the big, busy highway where all the mailboxes stood.

We were excited about the pending arrival of the soap even though it seemed to take weeks. Then one day, our patient waiting was over. Papa came down the road carrying a package. We gathered around my mother as she tore open the treasure and handed each of us a beautiful tiny red bar of clean-smelling Lifebuoy soap. We each had our own gift.

God has promised gifts to us, and we can enjoy that exciting anticipation as we wait for its arrival. As we study God’s Word and read His promises, we can look back at our Christian walk and remember the promises that have already been fulfilled in our lives. We can know that the promises we have yet to claim are just as certain. They are on the way! They are in the mail!

Our heavenly Father takes pleasure in giving us those “good gifts.” We can safely ask God for those gifts. They are worth waiting for!