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Another Battle Won

Sep 26, 2020

Bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you. – Matthew 5:44

There was a time in my life when one of many trials came my way. An acquaintance accused me of something that I had not
done. In fact, this person accused me of two different things, and I had done neither of them.

The more I thought about the accusations and the person who made them, the more they bothered me. Over a few months’ time, this turned into a large burden
that I could not seem to gain the victory over. I had many times prayed about the problem, sometimes several times a day. However, it seemed the more
I prayed, the larger the burden grew. I became obsessed with my dilemma as I tried to figure it out by myself, even though I was also praying about
it. The burden pressed down harder each day, and I began to fear that it might trouble my spirit enough to cause me to give up my faith in God. I kept
thinking to myself, I really have to pray this thing through! Then I would cry out to God to help me.

One day as I was thinking about the situation, I realized that perhaps the person who had made the accusations really believed them to be true. A still,
small Voice told me that I should pray for this person instead of just asking God to help me. As soon as I determined to do that, a peace came into
my heart. I sincerely asked God to help that person to do the right thing and to really have the Lord in his heart and life. God did just that!

As we travel the road to Heaven, Satan tries very hard to block us along the way and get us off the path. He wants us to have hate in our hearts, yet God’s
Word tells us to “bless,” to “do good,” and to “pray” for those who seem to be our enemies. We need to stop and listen to the still, small voice of
God. When we obey Him, He is more than willing to work on our behalf and give us peace in our souls.