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Jun 24, 2023

“For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.” – Acts 4:20

Complications had developed with our daughter’s pregnancy, and for the last six weeks before welcoming a baby daughter, she was to be inactive. The church ladies had decided to hold a shower to encourage her even though this was her fourth child, and they decided to make it a surprise.

While the expecting mother lounged on a chaise in the sun in her backyard, her sister-in-law came over to clean house for her so it would look nice when the ladies arrived. A four-year-old niece also came to help, and she had been previously informed of the surprise party. She was also told that it was a secret which she must not share.

As the cleaning commenced, the young niece visited with her auntie in the backyard. Finally, she could contain her secret no longer and she subtly announced, “I know a secret.” Wanting to head off a confession, our daughter responded, “I have a secret too, but I am not going to tell.” The silence was heavy for two or three minutes, then the little girl began to bargain. “I will tell you my secret if you’ll tell me yours!”

My little granddaughter was perfectly capable of keeping a secret; if she had done something naughty that day, she likely would have had no trouble keeping that information to herself! But when there is good news, it is hard to keep it a secret. When you learn something that you feel is valuable, you just naturally want to share it with others. That is how it is with the Gospel—it is difficult to try to keep from telling people about all the good God has done in our lives, and all He could do in theirs. It is so wonderful, it must be shared!

The Apostles of Jesus’ time came to the same conclusion. They were told to stop preaching the Gospel, but their response was, “We cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.” So it is for us today as well. It is impossible to keep Jesus a secret if you know Him.

Like the little Sunday school girl asked, “If I have Jesus in my heart, won’t He stick out all over?” Yes, He will, but that is all right! Go tell the world! That is exactly what Jesus wants us to do.