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Lost In St. Louis

Jun 10, 2023

“For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” – Luke 19:10

We had several hours to wait before our flight was scheduled to leave St. Louis, Missouri, so we had some time to explore. Our party headed for a large shopping mall that I am told is the “only mall in St. Louis.” Gary was driving the car in which I was riding, while Ken drove a second car with the younger people in it. Since there was no parking space near the entrance, Ken dropped off his group at the door. As I got out of our vehicle, I watched them go in the mall entrance. Gary went to park our car, assuming I would connect with the other group. However, by the time I made my way into the mall, I saw no sign of them, and I had no idea which way to go. Panic started to creep in. I had little cash left, and I did not know a soul in St. Louis.

I did calm down enough to remember that plans had been made to eat lunch at a place called the Cheesecake Factory. After asking directions, I found the restaurant at the far end of the mall. As I stood staring at a large group of people, none of whom looked familiar, my granddaughter walked in an entrance door. Was I ever glad to see her!

Before then, I had never been in a situation where I was physically lost, but that experience reminded me of what it was like to be spiritually lost. Look at the faces of the people you see every day. Study the eyes of those you know are not saved. Some do not even know they are lost. They are confused about the direction in which they are headed. They have no confidence in their future. They do not know which way to turn.

Jesus came to save the lost, and as Christians, we are the “information center” that can point them in the right direction. We know the way to find the rest for their souls which they have been missing. It is both a privilege and an obligation for Christians to be ready to tell others the way of salvation. It is exciting to give someone directions to the pathway to Heaven. Today might be one of those days!