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Are We Growing?

Jul 05, 2023

“And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, and was in the deserts till the day of his shewing unto Israel.” – Luke 1:80

I had carefully placed a healthy green hanging Boston fern in the far corner of our living room where there was a convenient and elegant hook for hanging plants. Each day I watered it and checked to see how it was doing. A month later, I began to notice that its luster was gone and it was starting to look yellow and sickly. I was disappointed. I had given it all the attention one could lavish on a fern and still it was not growing well! My husband, who had previously worked in a greenhouse, told me that it needed to be moved because it was not getting enough sun. So I moved the ailing fern near a window. I noticed an improvement immediately. In a week, the leaves turned green again and new leaflets sprang up. The new location made all the difference.

Where a Christian resides has an effect on how he will grow spiritually. We may enjoy a quiet Sunday at home in our little corner where we can worship God by ourselves, but are we getting enough of the Son’s light there? We may settle by a window overlooking a shaded garden of trees. Here seems to be the perfect place to serve the Lord, we think. But are we growing new leaves and producing fruit for His glory?

The Lord has a special plan for everyone, a location that is perfect just for us. It may not be in a place that we have ever been before. It could be across town, or in a place where we do not know anyone. The focus verse tells us that John the Baptist grew up in the deserts, which would probably not be the first choice for most, but there he “waxed strong in spirit.” God knew that was the best place for him, and if we follow the Lord’s leading we will also grow spiritually and become healthy, fruitful Christians.

Today, are we growing as Christians? Are we where God has placed us? Only the Lord knows best where we can grow abundantly for Him. Let’s allow Him to take control and change our location if necessary, so we can grow spiritually and be effectively used by Him. That perfect spot, hand-picked for us by God, is where showers of blessing will fall.