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Ask Your Best Friend

Jun 07, 2021

Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full. – John 16:24

Generally speaking, my favorite gas station is very busy between five and six p.m. On one particular after-work stop,
the driveway surrounding the pumps was so crammed with vehicles that it was difficult to maneuver our large sedan into position for refueling. About
a week later, when the tank was once again getting low, I was mentally shuddering at the possibility of a repeat experience. Although a long wait at
a gas pump is by no means a crisis, I briefly lifted my heart to God as I headed for the same station. My prayer went something like this: “Lord, if
it wouldn’t be asking too much, would You please make it so that not quite so many cars will be in line when I get there?”

A few minutes later, I turned our oversized four-door vehicle into the dreaded entrance. To my surprise, not one vehicle stood in my path! In fact, I had
to look to make sure that the station was not closed! When I saw that it was indeed open, I realized I was an eyewitness to God’s faithfulness. It
was just a small request that I had made, but God had more than granted it.

After that incident, I thought to myself, How often the Lord must be disappointed in my puny faith! That day He reminded me that He does hear every prayer,
He does care about every concern we have, and He is willing and able to help in every situation. He has proven Himself to be a wonderful, loving God,
and we should not be surprised when He answers prayer! Instead, that should be our expectation.

There are so many things God longs to perform in the lives of His children, but we can limit His ability to work by our own small expectations. We hold
up to Him a teacup when He has rivers to pour out! Today, let’s not put any limits on the Lord, but bring before Him all our concerns—both big
and small—and expect Him to work mightily on our behalf. He will!