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Daybreak: Matthew 15:29-39

Mar 14, 2021

“And great multitudes came unto him, having with them those that were lame, blind, dumb, maimed, and many others, and cast them down at Jesus’ feet; and he healed them.” (Matthew 15:30)

Certain individuals seem to have the know-how and skill to do almost anything. Many times I have admired one of our church brothers for the many things
he can do. It seems that whatever problems arise around the church property, you can just hand him the list, and within a short time he comes back
to let you know that they’ve all been taken care of. The vacuum cleaner is not working? There is an unusual noise in the furnace? One of the staircase
railings is loose? You noticed a door lock that needs replacing? He’s your man! Only occasionally has the needed work been beyond his ability.

Man can accomplish some amazing things, but there are problems that no man can solve. For example, in today’s text we read of those coming to Jesus who
were maimed, lame, unable to speak, and blind. Their cases were apparently beyond the skill of man to remedy. Even though medical science has made
tremendous advances since the time of Christ, there are many diseases and physical ailments for which man has no cure or solution.

Today, doctors would evaluate a maimed or withered hand, and perhaps determine to amputate it and replace it with an artificial one. The blind learn to
rely on the aid of another person or on a dog for guidance. Those with a speech or hearing impairment are taught sign language. We admire the abilities
of those who overcome and compensate for their physical limitations and respect the work of physicians who help them — but Jesus healed all those
who came to Him. One touch by Jesus made crippled limbs whole, restored sight, and even raised the dead! 

Man may try ever so diligently to rehabilitate the one whose life has been ruined by sin, yet often self-help books, crisis hotlines, counseling services,
drug rehab programs, courts of law, and even penal institutions fail to achieve lasting results. But one touch from Jesus, through His shed Blood,
will instantly transform a ruined life and deliver that individual from sin.

What a wonderful God we serve! We just need to trust in Him and never limit His ability in any thing, situation, or problem. Jesus never fails.


After Jesus departed from the borders of Tyre and Sidon, He went to the region of Decapolis. This was predominantly Gentile territory. Following Jesus’
healing of those brought to Him, the Gentiles “glorified the God of Israel.” What a different response than that of the Jewish leaders who said that
Jesus was in league with Satan (Matthew 12:22-24). Jesus marveled at the faith of the Gentiles, but was amazed at the unbelief of His own people.

With the crowd of 4,000 being with Jesus for three days, they had used up their own supply of food. His compassion caused Him to perform another miracle,
which met their human needs. This miracle was a completely separate event from when He fed the 5,000 (see Matthew 14:15-21) as the following comparison

Feeding the 5,000 Feeding the 4,000
  • Primarily Jews
  • Primarily Gentiles
  • North shore of Galilee (near Bethsaida)
  • Southeast shore of Galilee (near Gentile Decapolis)
  • 5 loaves, 2 fish
  • 7 loaves, a few fishes
  • 12 baskets remaining
  • 7 baskets remaining
  • Crowd with Him 1 day
  • Crowd with Him 3 days
  • Spring
  • Summer

Jesus referred to both feedings as separate events — even referring to the different numbers and using different words to describe the baskets. Jesus
did not preach a sermon to the Gentile crowd on the bread of life as He did to the Jews, but He proved who He was by the miracles He performed. 

Amplified Outline

(Hannah’s Bible Outlines – Used by permission per WORDsearch)

IV.   The opposition to the King

      C.   The consummation of the King’s rejection

            3.   Rejection by the Pharisees and scribes

                  b.   The withdrawal of

                        (2)   To
the Sea of Galilee (15:29-39)

                               (a)   Healing
the multitudes (15:29-31)

                               (b)   Feeding
of the 4000 (15:32-39)

A Closer Look

  1. Before feeding the four thousand, Jesus performed many other miracles. List them and describe how the crowd reacted.

  2. If you had been there, which miracle would have reminded you of creation? Why?

  3. What have you experienced that proves Jesus can perform miracles today?


We dare not limit Christ to any one particular need or situation. His cures are many. The tokens of His power and goodness are neither scarce nor scanty.
He is not limited to any one people or nation. Jesus’ power is for all men everywhere!

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