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Faithful and True

Sep 07, 2020

And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True. – Revelation 19:11

After slipping and sliding over agonizing miles of packed snow, my friend Kim and I could only glide to the curb as we finally lost traction in my
four-door sedan. Tramping through falling snow, we found shelter nearby in a combined gas station/convenience store. People were crowded into the
aisles there, standing up or sitting on boxes of canned goods.

Eventually, I was able to contact my dad by phone, informing him that we were safe but stranded. He promised that he would be there as soon as he could
chain up the station wagon and cover the fifteen miles between us. Meanwhile, Kim’s fiancée had pledged to rescue her in his truck. When she kindly
offered to let me ride along, I declined, explaining that my dad was coming for me. Kim looked up at me from her grocery box seat, her blue eyes
wide with concern. Then she asked a question that had never crossed my mind: “What if your dad doesn’t come?” I responded that I was sure that
he would.

A commercial truck and trailer had jack-knifed across the highway, causing long delays. Bumper-to-bumper traffic crawled by for hours as we anxiously
waited. Kim’s trust in her fiancée finally paid off, as did my faith in my dad. Reflecting back, I wondered a little at the implicit trust I had
placed in my father. Yet, the experience had taught me that he was a man who kept his word.

Likewise, hasn’t experience taught us that, as God’s children, we can have confidence in His promises? The answer to our prayers may be delayed by
elements we cannot see. It may not arrive in just the way we anticipate, but we do not need to stumble or become discouraged.

How marvelous it is to know that we can take hold to the One whose very name is Faithful and True! He may not appear riding on a white horse for us
to behold in our present situation, but He will come to us in our time of need. There will come times when even those loved ones whom we trust
the most will not be able to help us, yet that will never be the case with the Lord. May God help us to believe in Him above all others!