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Faithful Prayer Rewarded

Sep 17, 2020

Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward. – Hebrews 10:35

As a young girl, I thought of Gert as a nice “older” lady with beautiful dimples, which seemed to be in evidence often. As the years went by and I
grew to know her on a more adult level, I found Gert to be a gracious, warm, and thoughtful woman who was a real prayer warrior.

I also realized that Gert’s confidence was in the Lord. She modeled the great truth that we can be content in the love of God no matter what our circumstances.
You see, Gert’s husband, Jim, although a good man and a loving father to their four daughters, was not a Christian. For thirty long years, Gert
raised her girls in the Gospel alone, and for thirty years, she prayed for Jim.

One day, Jim had a heart attack and a stroke that affected his speech. In this time of physical crisis, he began to attend church. Soon after that,
he repented and gave his heart to the Lord. Although he was unable to say much, he wanted to tell everyone about “the wonderful change.” He would
say those few words, and then say, “Now my wife will tell you.” Then Gert would fill in the details about how God had come into his heart. Jim
lived a Christian life for about a year, and one day he went peacefully Home to be with God.

I am sure there were days during those thirty years with an unsaved spouse when the way was not easy, but Gert put it simply: “The table of the Lord
was full of good things—love, mercy, happiness, joy, and help in every situation. I just had to partake of it. When times were difficult
in the home, the Lord was always there working on my behalf.” Gert’s faithfulness was rewarded.

If circumstances in our lives seem less than ideal, we can follow Gert’s example. We can bring our needs before God in prayer. He will hear us, and
in His own way and His own time, He will answer.

Dear Lord, My confidence is in You. Help me not to give up praying for those situations that seem impossible. I know that with You, all things are possible! Amen.