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Helping with a Blessing

Nov 14, 2020

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:19

During a recent meal with some friends, our conversation turned to times when things were not so good financially. One of my friends told how she and
her husband had finally gotten a job that paid a little over $1.00 an hour, just enough for them to scrape by financially. She said that they rented
a house from an older couple who were living on a small pension. The man came by their house each month to pick up the rent money, and though it
was not a large amount, one month they found that they were $55.13 short of making the payment.

My friend dreaded her landlord’s visit because she knew she would have to tell him they did not have enough money. She prayed and asked the Lord to
help. Rent day came, and the old man drove up in front of their home. He moved very slowly, and while he was parking and getting out of his car,
the postman deposited mail in their box. In the mail was an envelope postmarked from southern California. In the envelope was $55.13 in cash—the
change was taped to a paper! What a blessing!

The next time they visited southern California, my friend stood up in church and said she wanted to thank whomever it was that had sent the badly needed
money. A lady in the back of the church started to cry and looked sad, puzzling my friend. After the service that lady came to my friend and said,
“I’m so sorry!” Then she explained that several months before, the Lord had woke her up three different nights and told her to send money to this
couple. By morning, she forgot about it and never did send the money. She said she knew she had missed a great blessing because the Lord had found
someone else to do His bidding.

That evening during our meal, all of us realized the valuable lessons illustrated by my friend’s testimony. God has promised to supply our need—we
can count on Him to come through for us when no one else can. And sometimes God uses us to make that happen in the lives of others. When God speaks
to us about helping someone, we want to be sure to listen to His voice. It is wonderful to see God’s promises hold true in our own lives, and also
to have a part in helping do His work for another!