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Home at Last

Jun 05, 2021

Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. – Revelation 22:14

The road that led to my childhood home was bumpy and filled with potholes. Blackberry vines crawled out into the driveway and had to be constantly
trimmed to avoid scratches on cars and children alike. The gravel lane wove along a marshy swamp and passed by a field of grain. It slipped through
a heavily wooded forest that gave shelter to a variety of wildlife. During the rainy season, this well-traveled route often became a muddy tributary
that flowed into the marsh. None of this mattered to me, however, for I knew if I followed its path, I always arrived home. Sometimes I was scratched,
occasionally my feet were soaked, and many times I would find a loose piece of gravel inside my shoe poking at my toes; but once home, these slight
discomforts were forgotten.

How like the driveway of my youth is our route to Heaven! Along the way to our celestial home lies a variety of terrain also. Some byways entice us
to wander away from the main path and explore the seemingly enchanting fields glistening on the horizon. Yet, if we yield to this temptation, we
soon find that what we envisioned as so pleasant, in reality is gooey mud or thorny shrubs that trap and prick at our souls. It is, by far, the
wisest action to keep to the main route found in the Bible. The course to Heaven may result in a scratch or two, and there will be days when we
may get completely drenched by a downpour instigated by the enemy of our souls. However, like my inviting earthly home, once we get through Heaven’s
gates, all troubles encountered along the way will not matter anymore. We can take off our shoes, put up our weary feet, and rest with the Father
forever. The bumps and bruises of life will be remembered no more.

Do you feel overwhelmed today by the bumps in the road that often send you to your knees? Do not give way to discouragement or oppression. You are
almost Home! Take time to converse with the Savior every day, and let His wondrous love fill you with the glorious hope of Heaven.