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Hungry to Know

Sep 15, 2020

And as he talked with him, he went in, and found many that were come together. – Acts 10:27

When my grandchildren were small, they expected me to read them stories whenever they came to visit. From the first child
down, the favorite story was one about a little gray squirrel named Miss Susie. This squirrel lived in the “tip top of a tall oak tree.” There were
pictures of the little house she kept, with acorn dishes and a twig broom. That book was worn out and taped, but each time there was no skipping pages
because the children knew every word by heart. Their little faces would shine and eyes grow bright with excitement as they crawled onto my lap or snuggled
up beside me. Their imaginations grabbed hold as Miss Susie was routed out of her house by a band of renegade red squirrels and forced to take shelter
in a dollhouse in someone’s attic, until a brigade of wooden soldiers restored her to her home in the oak tree. No matter how many times they heard
it, my grandchildren were always eager to hear it again, with questions to follow.

Their eagerness to hear reminds me of an account in the tenth chapter of the Book of Acts. It tells of a devout Gentile man named Cornelius, who feared
God and was praying to know more about Him. God heard his prayers and told him to send for Peter, who would tell him what he ought to do. Cornelius
was hungry to know all he could, and he immediately sent for Peter.

When Peter walked into that room after meeting Cornelius, he found a group of people who were also hungry to know what God required of them and eager to
do whatever God asked.

Picture a humble, patient people, faces uplifted, hanging on Peter’s every word. People ready to listen, ready to pray, ready to do, as Peter preached
unto them Jesus.

The Bible says, “the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the word.” Where people are hungry for God, He never disappoints. We can come before the Lord,
hungry for more of His truth, and He will meet us gladly with more than we ask or think.