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Let Us Consider

Oct 28, 2020

And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works. – Hebrews 10:24

Growing up in the 1930s, during the Great Depression, I remember many men coming to our door expressing their need. These men were referred to as tramps,
hoboes, bums, or worse, but my mother always recognized a real person who was simply going through a rough patch and was very needy. Often, these
men were hungry, and Mom would direct them to the back of the house where she had a small table set up, complete with a clean tablecloth and a
kitchen chair. The meal would usually be leftovers, often including meat and always some bread and potatoes, along with butter, salt, and pepper.
As an added touch, there would be a clean glass of cold water. There were some homes in our area with more money than we had, but none where the
drifters and needy received more consideration.

Often in church congregations there are people who seem left out. Their hunger might be for a smile or kind word, a handshake or occasional pat on
the back. The thought in today’s focus verse, “Let us consider one another,” presents Christians with many opportunities to serve both God and
man. When we take the time to show God’s love to someone in need, it encourages that individual and glorifies God. It is a double blessing!

To “consider” means to be on the lookout for opportunities. They may not come to mind automatically, but if we prayerfully think about how we could
encourage others, God will help us to do just that. To “provoke unto love” might include a smile on our faces, a gift to someone in need, or an
ear to listen, but all involve action on our part. Such action, done in love, will result in joy and peace for all involved.