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Little Victories

Jul 12, 2021

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much. – Luke 16:10

How exciting—we had just bought our first home! However, after living there for several weeks, I felt overwhelmed. There were so many projects
to do! It seemed that, in spite of all the work we had been doing, things were still in chaos. As I listed each project in my mind, I began to
realize that many of them were not so big or difficult, and with a little more time and effort, we soon would start to see results. What I needed
to do was count the little victories!

So, as I painted a room, organized a closet, or put pictures up on a wall, I would try to take the time to enjoy the sense of accomplishment. One more
project was done, which meant one less to do! Maybe it was not a big project. Maybe it took only five minutes, but it brought me one step closer
to my goal—a comfortable, pleasant home.

Sometimes we may feel overwhelmed by our spiritual to-do lists. Our lives require constant work as we strive daily to be more Christ-like. Also, as
we look around us, there are so many hurting people who need to be told about the love of Jesus. How can we ever reach them all?

Inside and out, we each have work to do. This does not need to be overwhelming, however. As I learned when tackling the numerous projects that come
with moving, if we keep at it, little by little it will get done. We must count the little victories! When the smallest hurdle is overcome, rejoice!
As the Lord helps in each individual situation, progress is being made. Just as we could not do all of our move-in projects in one day, we do not
make the trip from here to Heaven in one day. With God as our Helper and Guide, though, we will keep gaining little victories until we finally
reach our goal: the most glorious Home we could ever imagine!