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No Ditto Marks

Jun 22, 2021

And he that offered his offering the first day was Nahshon the son of Amminadab, of the tribe of Judah. – Numbers 7:12

Had you ever heard of Nahshon prior to reading today’s focus verse? Probably not. I looked him up in my Bible’s concordance
and found his name mentioned several times, but this is the only verse that really says he did anything. The only other references to him are mainly
in the “begotten and begat” category.

The verses that follow the focus verse list Nahshon’s gifts for the dedicating of the altar—not very exciting. It sounds kind of like a shopping
list: a gold this, a silver that, a bunch of animals. It even lists a spoonful of incense. This whole chapter is rather long and repetitious because
it goes on to list eleven other men and their gifts. And each gift was exactly the same.

We understand that Moses wrote the Book of Numbers, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Why, then, do you suppose that God choose to be redundant in places like
this? Couldn’t the Spirit of God simply have had Moses list ditto marks after each name?

On the contrary, how wonderful it is to know that there are no ditto marks with God! God saw Nahshon and his offering, as well as each of the other men
listed and their offerings. We are all individuals in God’s sight; He knows you and me by name, and has a personal relationship with each of us. Everything
you have done for the Lord is recorded with your name beside it, even if what you have done is identical to what your friends and relatives have done.

We want to be faithful in what God has given us to do, right down to the last spoonful of incense. What we offer to God really does matter, and He does
notice even the smallest sacrifice we make for Him. In fact, He is ready to bless that small sacrifice and use it in a mighty way to further His kingdom.
If we will faithfully do our part, some glorious day we will hear God say the words, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant!”