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Only If You Hold My Hand

Jul 30, 2021

Thy right hand hath holden me up . . . Thou hast enlarged my steps under me, that my feet did not slip. – Psalm 18:35-36

When I was a little girl, my family lived on a hill far out in the country. Every school day, my sister, three brothers,
and I walked about a quarter of a mile down the hill to meet the school bus. On mornings when we were a bit late, we would run down the hill. One morning,
as I was running down the hill, I slipped and fell and skinned up my knees quite badly. After that, my brother, Louie, who is eight years older than
I am, decided that he would hold my hand as we walked or ran together. As long as he and I were together, holding hands, I never slipped and fell.

Many years later, we were celebrating our oldest brother’s birthday at the old home spot. Lou said to me, “Betty, should we run to the school bus?” I said,
“Only if you hold my hand!” Of course, we were kidding, but I had never forgotten the protection my big brother had given me.

Jesus gave me His great salvation when I was just a small child. For many years, as I kept my hand in His, He kept me safe, but there was a short period
of time when I felt I could get by on my own, and I let go of the Lord’s hand. I did some things I thought I would never do, and I slipped and fell.
The Lord did not leave me alone though. During that time, when I would lie down at night, He would talk to me and remind me how much happier I had
been when I was living for Him. I eventually turned my life over to Him once again, and for many years now, He has held my hand. His protection and
love have been far greater than my brother’s had been.

As we walk through life, it is a good thing to hold Jesus’ hand. If we keep our hand tightly in His, He will keep our feet from slipping.