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Stepping in the Light

Jul 26, 2021

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. – Psalm 119:105

We were unprepared—it is an undeniable fact. A group of us were on an overnight retreat, and the decision was made
to do some exploring. Someone thought there were caves nearby. We all set out to see if we could locate them, and we had success. Then it became a
case of follow-the-leader. Those at the front of the group decided to “check these out,” and the rest of us fell into line behind them.

Before too long, our lack of preparation became obvious. Some were not properly dressed for hiking and climbing over boulders in caves. No one knew how
long the trail was or if it would lead outside or to a deadend. However, the most obvious need was for lights. A few members of our group had flashlights,
and it was imperative that they shine them strategically so the rest of us could benefit.

After we scrambled along for a while, we discussed whether we should go back or keep going. Someone must have been pretty sure the path led to an exit
because we kept on. Eventually, we met some hikers coming toward us, and they confirmed there was an exit. At one point, we had to scale a tall, steep
rock. The young and agile among us got up with little difficulty. Not being young, and never being athletic, the whole group gave a shout when several
of them managed to help me up!

In truth, we were not in danger. We were on an obvious path, and at any time, we could have turned around and retraced our steps. It just would have been
better to have been prepared, especially with lights.

Occasionally, as Christians, we may feel as if we are in a cave and cannot see where to put our foot for the next step. Yet, we can be prepared because
today’s text is a promise for just such times: “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” God has promised to light our way! He has
not promised to show us the next mile or around the bend ahead, but when we are not sure of the next step to take, He will beam His light in front
of us to show us where to put one foot.

When we need direction, we need to look first to God’s Word, then we must read it with an open heart. In His own way, He will give the light for the next
step. When we have taken that step, He will give light for another one.

Our trip through those caves was indeed an adventure, and walking step by step with God is an adventure too. Why not ask Him to light your path with His
Word today?