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Stewards of Good News

Jul 17, 2021

That good thing which was committed unto thee keep by the Holy Ghost which dwelleth in us. – 2 Timothy 1:14

 A  good case of bursitis in my right shoulder gave me a perfect excuse to buy the beautiful red Kitchen Aid mixer sitting on the shelf at the supermarket.
It was marked down because it was a display model. It looked so pretty that my daughter said I could leave it to her in my will! Since it seems
to me that she can afford to purchase almost anything she wants, I was pleased that I would have something to pass on to her. I taped her name
to the bottom of it to ensure she will get it later on.

Because it is my daughter’s inheritance, I take very good care of that mixer. I clean and polish it regularly, and am careful to protect the bright
red enamel finish from scratches. I never require it to deal with a heavier burden of dough than the motor can handle. I do not want the mixer
marred when she receives it, so I am the only one who uses it. It is only a machine, so I know some wear and tear is inevitable, but I will do
my best to hand down an excellent mixer to my daughter.

There is a more important inheritance that I hope to pass on to my children: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In fact, not only my children, but all the
people I come in contact with and the future generations of the church can be influenced by my testimony. That is why each of us must be careful
to maintain the Gospel just as it was delivered to us, whole and holy, pure and clean, and its beauty unmarred by compromise. Although a machine
will have inevitable wear and tear, with God’s help we can pass on His teachings intact, with no deterioration.

Perspectives in the world will try to diminish the Gospel way by telling us it is too strait and narrow, and that sin is only sin if that is how you
perceive it. This is one of the ways the enemy tries to wear down our faith. If we allowed that, no doubt future generations would recognize our
religion as worthless and never bother taking it up for themselves. But if we maintain God’s Word as the treasure that it is, we can expect them
to embrace it for themselves and continue to carry the Gospel forward.

We must be vigilant not to let anything cause us to compromise God’s truths and principles. The Gospel is the same today as it has always been, and
it is our job to deliver it to those who come behind us.