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The Light that Shines

Jul 28, 2021

Let your light so shine before men. – Matthew 5:16

There he stood, right at the foot of my orchard ladder, looking up at me. It was the orchard boss. I was still in high
school, working at the pear orchard during the summertime, and I had a healthy respect for my superiors. I wondered, What did I do (or not do) to bring
him over to my ladder? Then he asked, “What church do you attend?”

I was a little surprised at his question, for I had not said a word to my boss or co-workers about being a Christian. I had not been saved for very long,
and I suddenly understood that he had concluded from my conduct that I must attend church. It was a boost to my faith to realize that my behavior had
drawn his attention.

Without even realizing it, I was obeying Christ’s command from today’s focus verse. By simply living a Christian life before my co-workers, I was letting
my light shine, and they noticed it! I did not have to contrive ways to display my beliefs before them because the change God made in me was real,
and it was evidenced through my everyday manner and actions.

Our conduct at work can have a big influence on co-workers and others we meet in the workplace. In fact, our actions carry much more impact than our words.
Being respectful of others even when they are not around, working diligently, having a positive attitude, and not cutting corners on company policy
are traits that most find impossible to achieve without the Lord. Living godly before others is how we let our light shine before men, and in this
dark world, that light will not go unnoticed.

Although we are not all called to full-time ministry, we are all called to be full-time Christians. May we never be guilty of letting our speech or our
behavior show us to be anything less than followers of Christ. As we live in accordance with the teachings of the Bible each day, God’s light will
radiate from us, influencing others to follow Him too.