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The Voice of God

Sep 04, 2020

And when he [the Holy Spirit] is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment. – John 16:8

There are many occasions when we look for an opportunity to talk to someone about the Lord and let that person know how much Jesus loves us. Sometimes
that opportunity never comes up, but we know that God is at work even when we cannot see the evidence of it.

Recently, the Lord reminded me of a time in my life when He spoke to my heart even though I would not listen to anyone else. During that time, I was
not saved, and I worked for several months at a restaurant up the street from the headquarters church office. Loyce Carver was the pastor at that
time, and he regularly walked up to the restaurant during his break time for a turnover and a cup of coffee. He always had a very friendly smile
for me, and he always said how nice it was to see me. He was sincerely kind.

Although I could turn off all of the other voices, I could not turn off the voice of God, which spoke so mightily through Brother Carver’s life. Every
time he came into the restaurant, I felt that he must be able to see right through me and that he must know what an awful sinner I was. I was ashamed
and felt convicted for the way I was living. I heard the voice of God without a reproving word from Brother Carver.

Now that I am a Christian, Brother Carver’s faithful example reminds me that I am to be a vessel for God’s use. If I am to say a word for Him, I want
it to be from Him. However, I want my life to speak so loudly of God’s love and grace that others will be able to hear Him speaking.