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Total Harmony

Sep 12, 2020

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! – Psalm 133:1

We had traveled about an hour and a half that Saturday to hear a Gospel concert. The room at the college was packed and, eventually, people were turned
away. That evening we heard various groups, but one of the more memorable moments came as the last group walked out on stage. There were five men
dressed in blue jeans, cowboy boots, long-sleeved shirts, and ties. Each had his own position in the group—banjo, bass fiddle, etc., but
to start off their performance some of the group members stood together and began to sing a Gospel song. There was no accompaniment, and it was
not loud, just pleasant to the ears. It was total harmony.

Harmony: what an important element it is in music. I thought about it as my husband and I traveled home. To achieve complete harmony, each person involved
has to be in tune, and it is best if they are all singing at the same volume—not one or two much louder than the others. It is also best
if one does not get ahead of or lag behind the others. They are doing a job together, listening to each other, and the end result is great.

We can apply some of those same principles to our Christian walk. If we stay in tune with the Lord, careful not to get ahead, but quick to follow His
leading, our lives will be in harmony with Him. And as we walk with our brothers and sisters in Christ, careful not to be overpowering or off-key
as we go about our privileges, it will bring harmony and unity with those around us. Truly that is something beautiful to behold, and amazing to
be a part of!

Dear Lord, Make my life to always be in tune with You. As I work with others, help me to do my part to blend in harmony to the world around. Amen.