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Wells of Salvation

Jun 26, 2021

Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation. – Isaiah 12:3

There was no running water on the farm where I grew up. For our drinking water, we had to walk about five blocks to a water pump to fill our buckets
and then walk back home. My brother and I often complained about having to make that trip several times a day. We really did not understand why
we could not drink from the beautiful well in our front yard. Our parents explained to us that when that well was dug, whoever dug it did not dig
down deep enough to reach a good water level. Although the well was of great help to my parents, because they used the water to do the washing
and also give water to the livestock, we could not drink from it.

As Christians, we have a “well of salvation” from which we can draw. The source is God and the water is good. It can quench any thirst of the soul
that you and I might have. Isaiah tells us that we can draw with joy from this well of salvation. In a world of instant gratification, we can hardly
imagine having to take a ten-minute walk to get some water to quench our thirst. Spiritually speaking, we do not have to do that! The well of salvation
has water that we can access any time of the day or night. In fact, the drawing process can bring us joy because we know that when we obtain water
from this well, we are spiritually refreshed, energized, and satisfied.

Our family drew water out of the well in our yard by lowering a bucket, letting it fill, and then pulling it back up. The well that was five blocks
away had a pump, so you could not see the water when you pumped it, but you got the same results. It is similar to our spiritual well—though
we may not see this water, it is there and we can draw from it by the bucketfuls!

The Lord is waiting for us to dip into this well of blessings and unspeakable depth, and quench our spiritual thirst.