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Why You Fall Me Out?

Aug 27, 2020

The things which are impossible with men, are possible with God. – Luke 18: 27

When our children were very young, most cars did not have safety belts. Making matters worse, back then there were dangers of car doors coming open,
and children were advised continually by their parents to “stay in your seats and stay away from the doors.” Of course, children often push the
limits, sometimes with tragic results. It was in one such incident that God’s protecting hand kept our daughter safe from any harm.

My wife was driving to my parents’ home on Elk River Road. At that time, there was no overpass at the crossing of Highway 101 and Elk River Road. To
turn left onto my parents’ street, you had to signal, stop in the middle of the highway, and then wait for an opportunity to cross the oncoming
101 traffic.

As my wife made the turn crossing the northbound lane, the rear right door came open and our five-year-old daughter fell out onto the highway. Immediately
my wife found a wide spot in the road and stopped, expecting to turn back and see the worst possible tragedy. Instead, she looked in wonderment!
Could it be possible? Our little girl had jumped up, uninjured, and was running toward my wife exclaiming, “Why you fall me out?”

Perhaps a rebuke for not staying in her seat was in order, but all my wife could do was hold our little girl and praise God for His protection. She
then drove immediately to the nearby lumber mill where I was working, and told me the story. I also threw my arms around my little girl, and praised
God for His protecting power.

That incident happened many years ago, and the phrase “Why you fall me out?” became a popular saying among our extended family. Our “little girl” grew
up, married, and became the mother of three active boys. However, though much time has gone by, that miracle has never been forgotten. We thank
God often for His protecting hand.

You, too, can thank God for His protecting hand, and you can know with utmost assurance that all things are possible with God.