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Able to See

Sep 21, 2020

O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together. – Psalm 34:3

As I have grown older, I realize more and more my need for eyeglasses to make the things I read appear a little larger, clearer, and more distinct.
It is one of the constant reminders that life is changing and I am moving on.

Consider the simple piece of transparent glass used in making eyeglasses. With the expertise of a glass craftsman, it can be ground and polished into
a certain contour, and made into a wonderful tool. At first glance, it does not look like much, just a piece of glass. Then we hold it in front
of our eyes and realize its potential as we read. Suddenly, the words are clear! By using the crafted glass, we have an improved view of the text
that has, up to now, appeared less than sharp.

The verse above refers to magnifying the Lord. It issues quite a challenge. Does that mean that we can be a magnifying glass for Him? Could it be that
people who do not know Him may have a clear and distinct view of Him through us?

In order to magnify perfectly, the glass not only has to be shaped, ground, and polished by a craftsman who knows his business, it must also be focused
on an object. When we let God grind and polish us to perfection and then focus on Him, He will be magnified.

If our attention is focused on the things of the world, Christ will not be magnified. It does not matter what we say our main concern is; the world
sees where our main concern is because actions always speak louder than words. When we are focused on God, it will be evident to everyone around

Dear Lord, I want to magnify You. Do Your work in me. Help me to submit myself to You, so that others will see Your glory through my life. Amen.