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Completing a Masterpiece

Sep 22, 2020

Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. – Philippians 1:6

It is finally done! For the past year, my husband has been building an F6F-3 Hellcat model airplane. He received the
kit as a birthday gift, along with a set of tools especially designed for wood model making. A few days after his birthday, he spread out sheets of
diagrams on our dining room table, prepared a board as a base, and the work began. (I had no idea at that point just how long my table would be so

You do not build a model of this complexity overnight. One small task was accomplished at a time. Miniscule pieces of framework were cut to scale and gently
sanded. Later, they were glued into place, and fastened with a tiny clamp or carefully tied with thread while the adhesive dried. Bit by bit, the framework
of the plane was completed. Then, thin layers of glue were painted on strips of tissue paper, which were delicately applied to the balsa wood skeleton.
Two wings were assembled, piece by piece. Tiny propellers were shaped and attached. Finally, the craft was painted and decals applied.

It seemed no detail escaped my husband’s attention. Never once did I hear him say, “This is taking much too long.” He was interested in the project, and
he invested time and effort to produce a perfectly fashioned miniature plane.

Our Christian lives are also a work in progress. God is the Master Craftsmen, and His interest and concern about the details of our lives is unlimited.
He knows just what area should be worked on next. He knows just which tools to use to achieve the desired result. He is patient. And when God starts
a project, He finishes it!

If we are feeling a bit discouraged about our spiritual progress, we can remember that God will never give up on us. When we feel incomplete, unfinished,
or distressed by our shortcomings, we can find comfort in God’s promise and provision!

Thank You, Lord, for the care You take in shaping and perfecting my life. I praise You for the knowledge that one day I will stand perfect and complete in Your sight! Amen.