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Apply Love

Oct 02, 2020

Love one another as I have loved you. – John 15:12

It is a privilege to be involved in the Sunday school outreach at church, but sometimes it can prove to be quite a challenge to present the Gospel
to young children. It was my turn to write the lessons, plan the crafts, and choose the memory verse for the month of February. Though I looked
forward to seeing what blessings the Lord had in store for us, I was anxious about the “work” that needed to be done beforehand. So much to do,
and I wanted to do it right!

Today’s focus verse was what I chose for the children’s memory verse, suggesting that the older class add the verse that follows, “Greater love hath
no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” I planned each lesson to teach the students a way we can love others; one week
was on friendship, another kindness, and so on. The students would be asked to apply the lesson to their lives during the week and then come back
with stories of what had happened. Our theme song would be about pulling together.

While planning these lessons, they spoke to my heart about how much I was stressing over the work I was doing. I realized that if we have love in our
hearts, our efforts for God feel more like privileges. It is exciting to think that we have an opportunity to share God’s love with someone who
needs it! And when we love one another and pull together in the work of the Lord, this can also bring wonderful blessings.

As I considered this idea, instead of fussing about the work and the next meeting, I looked forward to a great month. My change in attitude brought
an anticipation of good things to come, because with His love in our hearts, God can do great things!

Dear Lord, When times get challenging, even then make me a blessing. Help me to always have an attitude of anticipation, expecting You to work. Amen.