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Life’s Melody

Oct 03, 2020

And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God. – Psalm 40:3

The audience was enjoying the beautiful musical rendition when the pianist, who often plays from his heart and head with no printed music, suddenly
lost the song’s melody, causing his fingers to “sputter” on the keyboard. The time between notes was punctuated by the silence and seemed like
an eternity, although only a couple of seconds elapsed. A feeling of relief swept through the audience as the pianist recovered and continued.

In today’s focus verse the Psalmist mentions a song of praise that the Lord put in his mouth. When we get saved, it is just like that—the Lord
puts praise in our hearts for His wondrous love and goodness toward us. We do not have to memorize prayers of praise or read them from a book;
they just flow naturally from our hearts. However, occasionally we might find that the song in our hearts is not coming as easily as it once did,
and it may even be temporarily silenced. If we let the daily stress of life, busyness, and demands on us become our focus, we can find ourselves
“sputtering” along wondering what happened to our song.

Even though the pianist was probably frustrated with himself for his blunder, he recovered and moved on. He only needed to refocus and pick up where
he had left off. We, too, may sometimes feel frustrations mounting in our lives, but we must not give up. As soon as we refocus on Jesus and His
love, that song will pick right back up in our hearts.

We can take comfort in knowing that Jesus cares about each of us, and the song in our heart is important to Him. He put it there to begin with! If
our song of praise is “sputtering,” a single prayer can get us back on track. Then the praise will flow freely from our hearts and will bless others