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Declare Jesus!

Aug 09, 2021

Who shall declare his generation?” – Isaiah 53:8

While visiting in a small Midwestern town, my wife and I had the opportunity to visit a warehouse designed by a famous
architect. The upper floor of the building is now used to perpetuate the memory of the designer, who has been deceased for a number of years. The gentleman
who operates the museum in the warehouse is very concerned that others know of the architect’s abilities. He himself lives in a house built by the
architect. There are several pictures of the architect’s designs on display, as well as biographical sketches here and there. We were there for an
hour or more and no one else showed up to view the museum, but it did not seem to dim the ardor of the owner of the warehouse. He simply felt a burden
to let others know about the man who designed his house.

In today’s focus verse, the Prophet Isaiah asked the question, “Who shall declare his generation?” He was referring to Jesus, who lived on earth for a
time but then went back to Heaven. The dedication of that museum operator caused me to evaluate my own dedication to Christ. Jesus is no longer here
in the flesh preaching repentance unto salvation, and so the burden falls to us to declare His generation. Are we doing our part?

We are not likely to see much success by opening a museum about Jesus, and public displays of faith are often prohibited or disregarded. Yet, no one can
refute the influence of a life lived for Christ. While people may not crowd the sidewalk to see an exhibit of our lives, we can live day by day for
Jesus and declare Him to the world.

Many people spend their lives dedicated to a cause that they believe is valuable, but it actually will not matter in eternity. Instead, let us strive to
contribute to the greatest cause of all—declaring to the world that Jesus died for man’s sins and can give them eternal life.