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Who’s That Knocking?

Aug 08, 2021

Knock, and it shall be opened unto you. – Matthew 7:7

The Groves were congenial people. Several times during our years as their neighbor, my mother would send me over to their
house to ask if they had an egg, or a cup of sugar or flour we could borrow. By the same token, they would do the same if they had a need. One day,
as I headed once again to their house, Mr. Grove met me at his front door and asked, “Did you knock?” No, I had not. Then I saw them—two boys
were standing in the shadows of the large shrub to the right of the front porch. They were having a good laugh at the expense of Mr. Grove. These boys
had been knocking on doors around the neighborhood and running away to hide before anyone answered. I turned to where they were hiding and warned them
of the consequences if this continued. When they saw who I was, they chuckled and ran away.

Jesus said, “Knock, and it shall be opened unto you,” referring to our spiritual needs. How often in prayer do we leave before the answer comes? Do we
ever just go through the motions so we can say we have “prayed,” without sticking around for God’s answer? No, we are not likely to try to pull a prank
on the Lord, but we might be tricking ourselves if we do not stay before God in prayer until He fulfills His Word and opens the door we are knocking

God has given us the formula of prayer, which includes asking, seeking, and knocking. He is very willing to answer our prayer, if we will follow the steps
He has outlined and come before Him with sincere hearts. The person who rises from his knees with annoying anxieties still clouding his thoughts has
not really prayed through; we need to pray until the peace of God fills our souls! Take your concerns to the Lord in prayer today, and wait before
Him until He answers. He has promised to do it and He will not disappoint.