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Direct Connection

Aug 29, 2020

And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. – Isaiah 65:24

 I work for a large insurance company and, surprisingly, one of the complaints I hear most often has nothing to do with our benefit plans, claims processing
abilities, or customer service in general. The number-one complaint seems to be our phone system. Our clients want to speak to a live person right

Instead, when you dial our 800 number, you are asked to select the number coinciding with the department related to your need. Many times over, you
could be asked to specify your need by pushing a given number. Then, when you think you have selected correctly, your call is dropped into a queue,
a black hole where your call must wait before it is answered by a customer service associate. If there are only a few calls ahead of you, your
wait will be brief. More than likely you will hear an automated voice tell you how many calls are ahead of yours and how long the expected wait
will be.

When someone does pick up the line, and you explain your problem, you hope to hear, “I can help you with that.” But if you selected the wrong option
anywhere in the process, you will be transferred to the correct area, which means you will have to wait again.

Aren’t you glad God does not work that way? We have a direct connection to the Lord. We do not have to wait on hold, select specific options, or be
dumped into a queue. When we call out to the Lord, we will never hear, “There are six calls ahead of you; your expected hold time is ten minutes.”
Nor do we have to wonder if we have reached the correct department.

It can be hard, when speaking on the phone, to adequately describe our needs to the person on the other end of the line. However, the Lord encourages
us to bring our needs to Him, and He knows exactly what we need every time. Even before we call on Him, He is preparing our answer.

What do you need from the Lord? Forgiveness? Healing? Comfort? Whatever your need, you can ask Him for it directly, anytime. No phone numbers to call,
no waiting on the line for a live person. He is ready and waiting.