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He Hasn’t Forgotten You

May 30, 2021

And therefore will the Lord wait, that he may be gracious unto you. – Isaiah 30:18

 A former co-worker and casual friend of mine had quietly retired from her place of employment. Preparing to
take the same plunge, I attempted to telephone her, hoping that she could offer me a few tips to guide me through the maze of decision-making. My call
was unanswered, but when the answering machine picked up I left her my name and number.

Time marched on and there was no response. Feeling that perhaps she considered my call unimportant, I more or less gave up the hope of ever hearing from
her. Then after two weeks, I received a late afternoon call. The voice on the line was among the last I had expected to hear! It turned out that my
friend had not forgotten me after all, and in fact, she supplied detailed information for which I was most grateful. Had she called me sooner, she
might not have been able to gain as much valuable insight to pass along.

The incident reminded me of how the Lord sometimes works. There may be times when our petitions to the Lord seem to go unanswered, and we might be tempted
to believe that God has forgotten us. However, we have promises from Him that He will never forget us and that our sincere prayers will never go unanswered.
At times the answer He gives is to wait, and we can be certain that it is not in vain. We cannot see the big picture as God does, but we can know that
He is working to bring just the right elements together, making the preparations needed so that everything will fit together according to His perfect

We cannot always see beyond our circumstances, but we find comfort in knowing that the God we love and serve holds all the pieces in His hands. A far greater
blessing may be coming if we are willing to wait, holding on to the One who is waiting to send us His best!