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Remember the Moment

May 31, 2021

This month shall be unto you the beginning of months. – Exodus 12:2

On January 6, 1953, a sixteen-year-old boy walked home from a Tuesday evening church service. He went upstairs to his
bedroom at his house at 214 Iowa Street in Medford, Oregon. Driven into the chimney that ran up one wall of his bedroom was a nail on which hung a
calendar. He put an X on the date, January 6. The next day, he ran home from school, knelt at the foot of his bed and thanked God for keeping him in
His love for a full day. Then he put an X over that day’s date, signifying another day of victory. After doing this for two weeks, he stepped back
and said, “If God can keep me for two weeks, then He can keep me for the rest of my life.” That was over fifty years ago; I was that boy.

January 6, 1953, was the start of my spiritual experience that began when I knelt at an altar of prayer and surrendered my life to God, confessing that
Jesus is Lord. Every year since then, that date has been a memorial to the saving and keeping power of God. A lot has happened since that day half-a-century
ago; there have been good times and difficult times and everything in between. With each passing year, it is even more amazing to realize what God
did for me when He extended salvation to me. That day, He set me on a new path which has been a way of blessing, and which will end at a home in Heaven.
January 6, 1953, was a good day!

How thrilling it is to remember the day you started for the Kingdom! God encouraged the Children of Israel to set aside days when they would remember the
miracles He did for them, and He would have us do the same. Right now, take time to reflect on the moment you were saved. Do you remember the wonderful
feeling that washed over you? The love that filled your heart? The peace that settled in your soul? Today, thank God for His saving and keeping power.

Father, Thank You for the wonderful gift of salvation that You have given to me, and for the blessings I have had every day since then. Help me to always remember what You gave me the day I gave my heart to You. Amen.